Elysium Church Productions and Visual Solutions was birthed out of a desire to provide churches with an honest, integral, and affordable opportunity to take their services to the next level of production with state of the art LED screens and technology.

The Latest In State Screens

Our wide range of LED panel screens are capable of transforming your worship and on stage presence and experience. We supply 1.5-6mm indoor and outdoor LED panels at competitive and affordable pricing.

Why Elysium?

  • We understand churches and we only work with churches.
  • We know you need to find an effective and brilliant visual solution at an affordable price.
  • We also know that as your needs change from event to event you want the flexibility to change your screen size and shape. Our product does that!

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  • Why LED?

    LED stands for “light-emitting diode” which is a tiny, two-lead semiconductor light source. LEDs are special because unlike any other technology for digital signage, they can produce and emit light on their own. This makes them long lasting and extremely durable.

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    We Are Here to Help!

    We would love to discuss your current set-up and future needs so you can have a smooth church upgrade!

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